High-Resolution Adaptive Controllers


Ambyint has spent the last several years developing a suite of proprietary High-Resolution Adaptive Controllers (HRACs). These intelligent devices seamlessly integrate with existing hardware and instrumentation at the wellsite. The adaptive controllers can deliver real-time control and optimization capabilities at the well, leveraging our edge computing capabilities to deliver both leading-edge physics-based analytics and modern data science in real-time. The devices function like a production tech at your wellsite 24/7. We deliver 20%+ Opex reductions and 10%+ production improvements to E&Ps.


Installed in Minutes

All HRACs were designed with self-installation in mind and require just ~30 minutes to install. Depending on your well configuration, we can connect into the prime mover/motor, controller, variable frequency drive, or other moving parts of the lift system to acquire and analyze a range of data types in real-time.

Monitor & Control Capabilities

Capture high-frequency, stroke-based data for torque and pressure that enable Ambyint to detect and predict gas leaks, and calculate fillage. HRACs can also automate adjusting setpoints to seamlessly optimize the operation of every well in your field. Intelligent push notification and compression ensure we efficiently transfer only the necessary data.

Global Communication with Over-the-Air Updates

Ambyint adaptive controllers contain all of the necessary hardware to provide current and future monitoring, control, and analytics capabilities. Like Tesla cars or automatic updates on your desktop, updates are remotely installed as new functionality is rolled out. No more visits to each well to manually plug in and run firmware updates.