lift type

Sucker Rod Lift


Reciprocating, beam, or sucker rod lift is the oldest and most common artificial lift method in onshore US oil production. This is due to both economic factors, such as the ability to create low bottom hole pressures for more inflow and lower operating cost, and to human factors, such as flexibility and familiarity for operations and optimization.

Finally a true optimization technology for stripper wells

For vertical stripper wells with lower production, the economics of conventional well automation have not traditionally justified the investment. These wells have been confined to running blind on timers: manual changes with limited well information and over- or under-pumping is common. We provide real time visibility, automated control, and torque-based analytics to provide enhanced diagnostic and optimization capabilities at a tenth of the price of competing solutions.

Better downhole understanding through analytics

With the advent of the multi-stage and multi-pad horizontal well, rod lift is being used in unprecedented conditions. High side loading, high temperature, deep wells, plus having to generally pump above the perfs creates difficult downhole conditions for legacy rod pump optimization practices. Ambyint high resolution adaptive controllers (HRACs) and Production Optimization Platform (POP) software can help operators analyze micro-level numerical signatures and patterns in data to provide insight and an enhanced level of understanding.