Production Optimization Platform (POP)


Ambyint offers its Production Optimization Platform (POP) as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution to deliver artificial lift and production monitoring, operations, management, and optimization. The POP software can deploy on top of customers’ existing SCADA infrastructure/data or in combination with Ambyint’s proprietary high-resolution adaptive controllers, which provide higher resolution data and wellsite control/optimization capabilities. POP delivers unparalleled insights into artificial lift status and performance, leveraging both traditional physics-based analytics and modern data science. The software ecosystem puts real-time data and insights into the hands of both office and field personnel to drive production operations and optimization.


Integrates with Existing Data Acquisition

POP is compatible with customers’ existing SCADA or automation environment for rapid scalability and wells and entire fields. We provide front-end and back-end APIs (application programming interfaces) to stream customer data into the platform and feed data and insights into customers’ existing data architecture or historian.

Quickly analyze wells using our modern, clean, web-based user interface, single click menus, proprietary calculations, and filtering ability

Web and Mobile Access

The software tools are available in a range of form factors, including web browsers, smartphones, and tablets.

Ambyint smartphone app provides the field with the same functionality and information as the office, which gives everyone the ability to keep the field optimized at all times

Automates and Improves Monitoring and Troubleshooting

The Ambyint platform enables production teams to high grade their activities by focusing automating the identification and often remediation of critical production optimization challenges such as gas interference, over/under pumping and paraffin or chemical treatment issues.

The Ambyint platform quickly identifies bad actor wells through graphical comparison and ranking of key production metrics through time to drive optimization actions

Bridge the Operational Gap from Production Engineers to Field Technicians

We provide workflow tools designed specifically for field operations staff to manage their day-to-day activities and action the analytical insights that we generate in the most effective way possible.