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Leak Detection


Every E&P worries about leaks happening in their fields. Keeping product in the pipe and the environment safe is key to being a prudent operator and good steward. Given the nature of the wellhead equipment and set up, the most likely place for leaks in sucker rod lift is often the stuffing box.

Predict leaks before they occur

Our stuffing box leak detection system works on dual packing stuffing boxes to monitor differential pressure trends between inner and outer packing. Users are notified of an internal pressure anomaly 2-3 weeks before a leak is released into the external environment. This allows field personnel to proactively replace stuffing box packing before a leak occurs, while also reducing the unnecessary expenses with false positive packing change-outs.

History of successful leak detection

Stuffing box leak detection is not new to Ambyint. For years we deployed a pollution sensor that successfully detected stuffing box leaks. With Ambyint, we have upgraded our hardware and utilized all of our historical stuffing box leak data to inform our diagnosis/prediction software.