Ambyint advantage

Integrated Global Communication at No Additional Charge


Instrumentation of wells provides limited value unless you can aggregate the streams of data to generate alerting and analysis for remote production engineers or field technicians. Communications networks are often unavailable or unreliable in many remote fields. Ambyint adaptive controllers have multiple integrated communications options, including global satellite. This makes Ambyint available anywhere in the world, even mountainous or remote areas. Without the deployment of additional hardware or networking gear, customers can begin streaming data within minutes of installation.


Global Coverage

Ambyint High Resolution Adaptive Controllers utilize a satellite communications network which provides reliable and encrypted communications anywhere in the world or can connect into existing operator networks.

Over-the-Air Updates

Ambyint adaptive controllers contain all of the necessary hardware to provide current and future monitoring, control, and analytics capabilities.  Like Tesla cars or automatic updates on your desktop, updates are remotely installed as new functionality is rolled out. No more visits to each well to manually plug in and run firmware updates.

Fully Managed and Monitored

Even the most reliable network requires regular management and monitoring to ensure high availability and reliability. The end-to-end network is managed and monitored by Ambyint, so customer IT staff are not burdened with the incremental workload.

Available at No Additional Charge

All networking costs for network connectivity are provided at no additional charge. By using a combination of smart push and compression technologies, Ambyint can provide this service efficiently and cost effectively.