Ambyint advantage

Production Operation Solutions


Ambyint offers an AI-driven, artificial lift optimization solution that helps E&Ps reduce cost while improving production.  We integrate best-in-class physics based analytics capabilities with best-in-class data science and machine learning capabilities. Our Production Optimization Platform (POP) provides for monitoring, operations, management, and optimization. We can deploy the software leveraging customers’ SCADA data and infrastructure or deploy in combination with our proprietary high-resolution adaptive controllers (HRACs), which provide higher resolution data and control/optimization capabilities. We deliver unparalleled insights with POP, but additionally can deliver improved insights and real-time actions at the wellsite with our HRACs. Ultimately, our service package can deliver production improvements of up to 10% and operational expenditure savings of up to 20%.

The company has a 12-year operating history delivering best-in-class artificial lift control and monitoring solutions to E&Ps and over that time has gathered a high-resolution data set, equivalent to almost 100 million hours of pump operating time or 45 TBs, 67,000x larger than our nearest competitor. Pulling deep IP from our precursor business, we have re-platformed Ambyint on a much lower-cost technology stack. We are leveraging innovative technologies, including edge computing in proprietary intelligent devices, predictive analytics, machine learning, and modern UI design to deliver significant benefits to customers.

Ambyint Advantages