What Sets Ambyint Apart?

IIoT is expected to reinvent many sectors of the economy and drive gains of >14 trillion dollars by 2030. Ambyint seeks to become the leader in industrial autonomy.

In its first foray into industrial autonomy market, Ambyint achieved consistent wellsite production level increases of 5% and decreased OpEx of 10% by leveraging deep data, application SME’s, and AI/data science experts.

Successful deployment of Ambyint’s autonomous control solution is driving rapid customer adoption and opening the door for Ambyint to a range of other industrial equipment/systems.

Unlocking Industrial Asset Value

Ambyint enables adaptive control of wells for the majority of the top-20 North American oil and gas producers, including Equinor, BP, Husky, and CoP. To unlock their full industrial asset value, Ambyint deploys deep domain expertise with the most advanced technology on the market:

  • Deep application of physics-based analytics
  • Proprietary AI integrated with ML and deep learning
  • Next-gen edge/IIoT-based platform
  • Predictive analytics through a modern user interface

Keys to the Future

Digital technology and industrial autonomy provide the keys to capital growth, and the Ambyint team understands the market and its challenges and solutions. Ambyint is building on its artificial lift autonomy successes as it continues to expand the functional scope of data science and AI/ML algorithms.

Ambyint is in a strong position to lead the delivery of solutions for all artificial lift applications and develop high-impact and scalable industrial autonomy solutions for a multitude of industrial vertical markets.

Discover how Ambyint can help you to improve production while reducing costs