Husky Energy deploys Ambyint’s AI technology across Rainbow Lake field and demonstrates impact that IIoT can have on operational excellence in oil & gas

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Ambyint advantage

Artificial Intelligence meets Artificial Lift

Ambyint complements traditional physics based analysis with modern artificial intelligence trained and tuned using the industry’s largest labeled data set from over 12 years of industry experience.

Modern Physics Based Analysis

Traditional physics based analysis has been the foundation of artificial lift optimization for decades.  Ambyint lets production engineers take advantage of familiar techniques in an easy to use interface as a natural extension of their daily workflows.

Integrated Global Network at No Additional Charge

The complete Ambyint solution includes optional deployments of intelligent, adaptive controllers for data acquisition. Using a satellite based communication network, Ambyint can collect data from any well, any where in the world.

Webinar: Enabling Autonomous Pump-by-Exception For Stripper Wells Using IoT-Enabled Edge Controllers

On August 28th, Ambyint will host a live webinar event featuring our Director of Optimization, Brian Arnst. This webinar will highlight recent results from the Permian Basin, where Ambyint controls were able to increase pump efficiency by 54%, reduce power consumption by 58%, and reduce stroke count by nearly 70%, all while maintaining stable production. Brian will also discuss how Ambyint's controller can autonomously optimize on/off cycles to dynamically move wells from overpumping or underpumping states to an optimized or dialed in state.

SPE Artificial Lift Conference and Exhibition - The Woodlands, TX

Ambyint will be presenting and exhibiting at the 2018 SPE Artificial Lift Conference and Exhibition on August 28-30th. The widely anticipated event will bring together E&P innovators from major IOCs, NOCs, and independent operators to exchange ideas to advance technical knowledge in artificial lift applications for unconventional shale developments.

ambyint product solutions
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High Resolution Adaptive Controllers

Ambyint HRACs are optionally deployed smart devices that are safely deployed at well site to collect high resolution data while using locally embedded logic to dynamically adjust control parameters in response to changing conditions.

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