Virtually Monitor and Control Your Wells

With remote access to well information, respond immediately to changes in well conditions to ensure your wells run at peak performance at all times. Reduce the number of well site visits using 'always on' monitoring. Instantly track well performance, trends in operation, and downhole dynamics from any computer or mobile device.

Our deep learning technology is designed to analyze operational data and send alerts when a pumpjack needs preventative maintenance or if it’s displaying signs of an impending fault. Our data-driven approach to automation means dramatically reduced downtime, heightened productivity, and reduced service costs.

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Well Control in the Palm of Your Hand

Each ambyint device leverages cutting-edge sensor technology, wireless communication, and data analytics to monitor the health of each well. Devices can be self-installed by operators in minutes on any oil well - pumpjack, PCP or ESP - and begin analysis immediately.


Operators now have an entirely new level of control over their wells. ambyControl is an intelligent, cost-effective well management solution that allows 24/7 remote monitoring and optimization of well performance.

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Designed to work with top variable frequency drives (VFD), ambyControl:VFD makes it possible for operators to remotely control, monitor, and optimize their VFD operated pumpjacks or PCP, delivering information on motor speed and torque.


ambyControl:EPM is designed to work with any electric motor. Operators are able to view motor torque information and trends, remotely stop/start the motor, and set notification alarms that alert them of a shutdown or torque violation.

ambyControl:IoT Bridge

ambyControl:IoT Bridge collects data from any well management system aggregating the information to provide operators with a single, concise picture of their operations.


With ambySense technology, there is no longer a need for daily well visits. The sophisticated device allows you to 'virtually' visit your wells at any time. Next-generation well monitoring solutions offer an instant overview of what is happening with your wells, helping to keep them operational and productive.

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With proprietary motion intelligence technology, operators can easily track if a pumpjack is operational and receive real-time alerts on any conditions that can adversely affect fluid production.


With ambySense:SLD installed on a dual-pack stuffing box, the device will transmit an instant alert at the first sign of a leak, long before it is able to cause costly environmental damage.

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