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IoT in Oil & Gas - The future of the industry

By: Ambyint, Published September 15th, 2016

Attending a show like this past week’s IoT in Oil & Gas Canada is thrilling and it was great to see so many industry friends and colleagues there as we collectively usher in a new era in oil and gas technology. 

ambyint & The Future of Oil & Gas

During the event, our CEO, Nav Dhunay, talked about the changes that are dramatically affecting our industry and the need to harness technology to meet the challenges ahead. The ambyint platform has come to market at a unique time. Having been specifically developed to help producers dramatically cut operating costs and stay on top of operations at every one of their wells by harnessing bleeding-edge technology to ensure optimized performance and maximized efficiency, it has the power to play a significant role going forward. The data-driven intelligence of the ambyint system is able to help predict, and in many cases mitigate, the costly impacts of well downtime.

ambyint enables operators to focus their attention on higher-level thinking and longer term strategy by providing them with remote, easily accessible, real-time information and control of their wells, immediate alerts of potential onsite issues and the knowledge that their well assets are running at optimal efficiency and that profits are being maximized. 

A few snapshots

Finally, we took some great snapshots at the event and our afterparty. Please feel free to forward to us any other great ones you have! Thanks again for coming and helping us energize the energy sector!

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