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TechVibes - The Ups and Downs of Investing in Today’s Energy Tech Startups

By: Ambyint, Published June 15th, 2016

 "Emerging tech solutions which are leapfrogging current models to clearly align with, and in some cases define, the future of the energy market are where smart money should be flowing".


There's no doubt about it, the oil industry has seen tumultuous times in recent months, with Alberta sitting at the epicentre of the nation's faltering oil economy. However, as a result of the radical changes seen in a very short space of time, technology innovators and entrepreneurs have emerged with force to help reconcile the problem. 


Our CEO Nav Dhunay features on TechVibes to share his expert insight on investing in today's energy tech startups startups to ensure a sustainable future. Click here to read the full article. 

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