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ambyint ‘Women Build’ for Habitat for Humanity

By: Ambyint, Published May 17th, 2016



A jaw-dropping 82% of all single-parent families in Alberta are headed by women, and nearly half of those are single mothers who fall into the low-income range.


Enter Habitat for Humanity. Their program - ‘Women Build’ - is a homeownership model aimed at empowering families by providing a hand-up, not a hand-out. Through volunteer labour and donations of money and materials, Habitat builds safe, affordable houses which are then sold to partner families with no down-payment and interest-free mortgages. Monthly mortgage payments go into a revolving fund, which itself is used to build more homes for more families. Ultimately, the program works to empower families to find strength through home ownership and provide an opportunity for them to pull themselves into a positive future.


As part of our ‘ambyint Cares’ incentive, this year the ambyint family joined forces with Habitat for Humanity, donning the high-vis jackets and hard hats in support of ‘Women Build’. This year, we sponsored Kerry and Randy and their nine children to build a home. Their family has faced homelessness three times in just five years, however, with the support of Habitat - and our dedicated band of ambyTeam ladies - they now have a new home constructed in Pineridge, Calgary. You can read Kerry and Randy’s full story here.


We’d like to thank everyone who participated for their generous donations, words of encouragement and continued support. We flew past our team goal of $750 and raised an impressive $1,621. Our team - Christine Houle, Mitzi Johnson, Wendy Going and Shereen Coward would also like to say a special thank you to all those who supported their fundraising and came to Pineridge to cheer them on. The build was conducted in a patient and educational environment, the weather was great and the day was full of laughter.


Habitat for Humanity Southern Alberta has 178 families currently in their home-ownership program throughout Calgary and across southern Alberta and this year, set a goal to help 106 people, including 65 children from 23 families move into a safe and secure home. With your support, the ambyint has proudly helped make this possible.


In chatting with the organizers, there are also opportunities for groups to build with Habitat outside of the Women Build project. Simply follow the volunteer process and sign up for a day.


Thank you once again for your support and the amazing opportunity to be involved in such an important event.

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