lift type

Plunger Lift


Plunger lift is the primary lift type for de-liquefying gas wells. It is a great fit for lower producing gas wells because of relatively low capital investment, maintenance costs, and energy requirements, compared to other artificial lift methods.

Cost-effective automation solution for any plunger well

Due to the marginal economics and remote nature of many plunger lifted wells, investments in wellsite communication and automation have been hard to justify. Even when automation is available, keeping plunger runs optimized demands constant manual intervention. Ambyint’s end-to-end platform was built with the economics of low-value wells in mind. Our platform overcomes the economic and technological barriers posed by conventional automation solutions to provide real time control and visibility of plunger lift wells.

Eliminate manual optimization routines

Multi-stage and multi-pad horizontal wells have created a new market for plunger lift in recent years. The steep decline curves and harsh well conditions have made plunger lift attractive as a transitional lift type, and gas-assisted plunger lift (GAPL) has become a prevalent late life lift form in higher GLR shale plays. These highly instrumented shale wells still face many of the same challenges as low producing gas wells - highly manual, time intensive optimization workflows, which are difficult to scale as well count grows.